Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Classmates

Dear readers, for this next entry I will talk about my classmates. Most of them are my classmates since I’m in part 1.

The beautiful girls of D3D1:

1. Nurul Izzaty is also known as Izat. I know Izat is a boys name but she does not mind calling her Izat. Izzaty is a quite person in class. I rarely heard her voice in class but I know she only talks with her friends. Izzaty is chubby and cute! Especially when she smiles.

2. Seri the talkative girl in class. She comes from Kuala Lumpur. Seri is the most happy-go lucky person. She 'melatah' a lot in class and it is quite funny to me. Seri is not too short or not too tall. Her height is quite similar to me.

3. Nur Sakinah is also a quiet person in class! She don't talk much. Sakinah will speak when people started speaking to her. Even though she's a quite girl, she seems lovely to her classmates.

4. Lyana Atikah which I call her Yana for short. Yana? She is also a talkative person. I’m comfortable talking to her. Yana is quite friendly. She’s also my classmate since I’m in part 1.

5. Nurhidayu which I call her Ayu for short. Ayu is the most quitest girl in class. I occasionally heard she talk or laugh in class. I’ve known Ayu since I was in standard 4.
But a year later she moved to Kulai. I was shocked I met Ayu during the first day of registration in part 1.

6. For number six is Nur Izati. Izati also a quiet girl in class. Izati is Ayu’s close friend. I also comfortable talking to Izati.

7. Nur Fatimah is my classmates since I’m in part 1. Fatimah is a clever girl in class especially in calculation. She always scores the highest mark in class. I really want to get higher marks than her. But until now I can’t beat her yet. For me, she is like my competitor in class. But in the positive way.

8. Me, Fara Wahida.

9. Siti Amirah which I call her Mira for short. Mira is a new student actually. She is a student from UiTM Kedah but she transfer to Segamat. It is also quite shocking knowing Mira because Mira is close with my bestfriend which she studied in UiTM Kedah too. Now I know the world is small. Mira? How can I describe her? Even though I’ve known her this semester, but we are close like we’ve known for years. Mira’s behavior is quite weird. But, I love being friend with her. =)

10. Nur Atikah also a new student. She is transferred from UiTM Sarawak. Atikah don’t talk much. I don’t know why most of my classmates are a quite kind of person. But it is not a big problem to me.

The boys of D3D1 :

1. Abdul Jabbar. I called him Jabbar for short. Jabbar is my classmate since I ‘m in part 1. Jabbar don’t talk much. But he’s a funny guy. Sometimes he’s cute.

2. Zulfadhli which we called him ‘Kochak’. He is also my classmate when I’m in part 1. At first, we laugh at his nickname because it sounds funny. But at last we are comfortable by calling him Kochak.

3. S.Mohd Haris. I called him Haris. Haris?hmm, I don’t know much about Haris even though he is also my classmate when I’m in part 1.

4. Sabirin. Sabirin is quiet in class. he only talk to his friends. even though he is not talkative, but he is clever. He got Deans List since the first semester.

5. Mohd Adib. He is from Selayang Bharu. Adib loves to play football and computer games. My first impression to Adib is I thought he is not friendly and snobbish. But after I know him until now, Adib is not that kind of person.

6. Mohd Akmal. I called him Akmal for short. Akmal is from Johor Bahru. Akmal is the person I close with in the class. Maybe I’m easy to communicate with him. Akmal is a brilliant boy.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Subjects This Semester

Hello precious readers! For this entry I will share with all of you about the subjects that I take for this semester. I'm taking 7 subjects including co-curriculum that is English for Academic Purpose (BEL 311), Macroeconomics (ECO 211), Asas Ekonomi Islam (CTU 241), Introduction to Statistics (QMT 216), Fundamentals of Finance (FIN 262), Mandarin Language (BMD 101) and for co-curriculum I’m taking net ball.

My lecturer for BMD 101 is Mr Lim but I called him Lim loushi. I am quite excited taking this subject because I really want to learn how to speak mandarin. Besides that, by learning this subject, I think it can give some benefit for my future if I want to find jobs in Chinese department. Also, I’m learning this subject for two semesters that is this semester and next semester.

For QMT 216, my lecturer is Assoc. Prof Ruhana Zainuddin. This subject is to provide students majoring in business management, banking, investment, accounting, marketing, finance and other field of business administration with an introductory survey of many applications of statistics. It also would prepare students to do advanced statistical courses and to do subjects that are related to statistical technique. So, I will be able to analyze data and make conclusions based on statistical analysis, understand the important of sampling and data collection and also be able to use some statistical software and to interpret statistical output result after learn this subject in this semester.

CTU 241, my lecturer is Ustaz Kamarulzaman Sulaiman. This subject is CTU 241 is more to economic in Islam. It is also about how to use and manage the economics resources for the betterment of one self and others both materially and spiritually in order to achieve the blessing of Allah and how to manage economics with Islamic philosophic.

For BEL 311, my lecturer is Mr Izuan Ismail. BEL 311 in the third semester, we learn about writing skills. We must know how to write a proper essay. With all the assignments from Mr Izuan, it taught me how to improve my writing and at the same time, I can also improve my English.

Mrs Zarina is my lecturer for ECO 211. Macroeconomics looks at the economy from broader perspective by considering its overall performance and the way the various sectors of the economy relate to one other. In macroeconomics, I learn how to calculate the national income and also learn about inflation or deflation. To me, this subject is quite hard but I will try my best to score for this subject.

Lastly is FIN 262. My lecturer is Mrs Wan Asma Hanim Wan Mustapha. Finance? Finance is more to calculation and accounting. I hate accounts. I thought finance is a tough subject because it is 4 credit hour subject. But, I am quite glad because I can understand and solve the problems easily.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Life Being A Senior

Hello readers! Sorry for this late entry. I caught a fever since last Wednesday. Okay, after an introduction of myself and a little bit about my roommates, this week I would like to tell you how it feels being a senior in college. Some seniors think that they will have the ‘power’ to control everything, especially to their juniors. For them, juniors must do whatever they told them to do. But, now it is already in the 21st century right? ;) I don’t think that there is such thing as seniors bullying the juniors.

Actually, I do not feel at all that I am a senior. For me, our levels are the same even though our age is different. The most important think, we respect one and another. When there is respect, I’m sure we can avoid bully and fights. Besides that, I don’t like to interfere with people’s private life but the most appropriate thing I could do is to keep an eye on the junior.

Somehow, I don’t think that the rules made by seniors are necessary. Like for example, junior must smile to seniors. If not, they will be punished. For me, juniors have their own right whether they want to smile or not. But, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have to smile at all. Smile also can show that they are respecting others.

Nowadays, seniors often make an orientation to juniors for them to know each other which are a waste of time! But if for me, I would rather do some activities between seniors and juniors such as a telematch or any outdoor games. I’m sure it will be fun! ;)

I guess that’s all for this week. Goodbye!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Roommates

Hey everyone! It’s me again ;) For my next post, I would like to tell you about my roommates. My room number is 210B which consists of four people including me. Two of them are juniors and the other one is a senior. This semester, they are all my new roommates. At first, I thought that I can’t suits myself with them, but I was wrong. They are all friendly and funny :)

My first roommate is a senior. She is in part four. Her name is Nurshahida Binti Nordin. I called her ‘Kak Yin’. Kak Yin is from Klang, Selangor. She was born on February 15th, 1989. Kak Yin is taking Diploma in Business Society and she really wants to be a business woman. She loves doing business. She sell laptops and also broadband. Kak Yin is nice with people especially with her roommates. She cares about her roommates. Whenever I feel down, she knows and she will ask, ‘Fara, are you okay? Is there’s anything wrong?’ From that I can know that she is a caring person. Kak Yin is like a sister to me. I will ask anything and need her help whenever I need it. Her favorite colour is pink, red and blue! Which is also my favorite colour ;) During her free time, she loves to watch movies and read a novel. She will read a novel when she is having a hard time to sleep.

Nur Maisyirah Binti Mohd Yusoff is my second roommate. I called her Mai because it is easier for me to remember her name ;) Mai is from Johor Bahru which is my hometown. She is 18 years old and she is taking Diploma in Investment Analysis. Mai is funny because sometimes she become so blur. I rarely saw Mai in the room because she always goes to her friend’s room. But I do not mind at all. Mai is a nice girl actually. We like helping each other. Sometimes, I laugh when I see Mai’s behavior. This is because Mai is afraid going to the bathroom at night :) One night, she need to go to the bathroom so badly and she is willing to wait for hours until there is somebody going to the bathroom ;) Well, that night is her lucky night because I’m the one who accompany her. This is what I can tell you about Mai.

‘Ikin’ is a name which I called my last roommate. Her full name is Nurasyikin Bt. Md Saleh and she is 18 years old on October 3rd. Ikin is also from Johor. She stayed at Felda Air Tawar, Kota Tinggi. Ikin is part 1 student and she is taking Diploma in Quantitative Science. Ikin’s favorite food is ‘Tomyam’ which I love too ;) while her favorite drink is ‘Laici’. Ikin loves to watch television and play games in her laptop. She loves to play chuzzle game. She woke up early every morning. Ikin is a very hardworking girl. She finishes her work or assignment on time. Besides that, she love to laugh and I will laugh too because her laugh is funny =D When she is a grown up girl, she wants to be an accountant.

That is all I can share about my three lovely roommates and I was hoping that they are my roommates next semester :) Bye!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

About Me, Myself and I

Hello everyone! First of all I want to say thank you for those who view my blog. I really appreciate it. Actually, this is my first blog and my first time writing a blog, so if there’s any flawless and weaknesses, I apologize. I know all of you have already guessed what I am going to write on my first blog. Yes! You are right! Of course all of you are dying to know who am I, where did I come from and some other question that pop up in your mind. The title of my first blog is, ‘About Me, Myself and I’ and the picture that you can see above is me! =)

Firstly, I will start introducing myself. My name is Fara Wahida Binti Camallil and I’m 19 this year. You can call me Fara, Faa or Fawa or other nicknames that is easier for you to say. I was born on this world on May 25th, 1990. Based on the zodiac, I am in Gemini. My weight is only 40 kilograms and my height is 159 centimeters. Currently, I am from Johor Bahru and now I’m studying in UiTM Segamat, Johor. I was quite excited because I really want to study in UiTM Segamat. The reason why I’m excited is, I’m not far from my family even though it takes about three hours journey. Luckily, I’m taking the course that I want, that is Diploma in Banking. In UiTM, the college I’m staying is called Si Manja Kini. My first impression was, I thought the hostel room is similar to schools hostel but it is not bad after all.I am comfortable staying in that room. The seniors are also friendly and they are not too seniority. How to describe about myself? I’m friendly with people and I’m easy to communicate with. Usually, people who do not know me well always think that I’m snobbish, which I’m not! I love to talk. I am a talkative person but I only talkative with the person I close with.

This is the best part which I want to share with all of you about my interest, things that I love to do and many more. I’m very interested in music. I love music so much! Music is my life. I love listening to music. Music can make me feel calm when I'm stressed. I listen to all kinds of music. Besides that, I also love to sing. I started singing since I was little. If I have a free time, I will go for a karaoke with my friends. Singing also can help me forget all my problems. Besides karaoke, I also like shopping. Whenever there is a sale, I will go shopping with my family or friends. I eat a lot! I know it’s kind of hard to believe because from my appearance, I am a skinny girl, but this is true and not a joke. My all time favorite food is spaghetti! What I hate the most are lizards! I’m phobia with that nasty little creature. What else? Oh! For your information, I can cook! I know how to cook macaroni and cheese, pasta, and other food.

I have already tell you about myself. Now, I will start telling you about my family. Both of my parents are working. My father is a lecturer of Mechanical Electronic at UTM Skudai, Johor Bahru. His name is Camallil Bin Omar. Last few days, on 5th of July, my father turns to 47 years old. What can I describe about his characters? My father is very strict especially on his children studies. He always wants the best from his children. Even though he is strict, he is friendly and also funny. He treats us well too. Whatever things that we want, he will buy it for us.

The pretty woman above is my beloved mother. Her name is Rogayah Binti Mohd Yusoff and she has the same age with my father. She is now working as a stenographer at UTM Skudai, Johor Bahru. My mother is a disciplined person. She is disciplined with time, house works and also raising her children.

I have four siblings and I am the second one. I have a sister and two brothers. My sister is 21 years old. Her name is Iza Fasiha. She is now taking a degree at UTM Skudai, Johor Bahru. Even though we used to fight everyday, but we love each other. We share everything and also exchange opinion whenever we have a problem. My two brothers are still studying in primary and secondary school. Their names are Ahmad LutfilHazim and Muhammad Azlan. They are 14 and 10 years old.

I think that’s all I can share and tell you about myself and my family. I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I’ll see you guys later=) bye!