Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Classmates

Dear readers, for this next entry I will talk about my classmates. Most of them are my classmates since I’m in part 1.

The beautiful girls of D3D1:

1. Nurul Izzaty is also known as Izat. I know Izat is a boys name but she does not mind calling her Izat. Izzaty is a quite person in class. I rarely heard her voice in class but I know she only talks with her friends. Izzaty is chubby and cute! Especially when she smiles.

2. Seri the talkative girl in class. She comes from Kuala Lumpur. Seri is the most happy-go lucky person. She 'melatah' a lot in class and it is quite funny to me. Seri is not too short or not too tall. Her height is quite similar to me.

3. Nur Sakinah is also a quiet person in class! She don't talk much. Sakinah will speak when people started speaking to her. Even though she's a quite girl, she seems lovely to her classmates.

4. Lyana Atikah which I call her Yana for short. Yana? She is also a talkative person. I’m comfortable talking to her. Yana is quite friendly. She’s also my classmate since I’m in part 1.

5. Nurhidayu which I call her Ayu for short. Ayu is the most quitest girl in class. I occasionally heard she talk or laugh in class. I’ve known Ayu since I was in standard 4.
But a year later she moved to Kulai. I was shocked I met Ayu during the first day of registration in part 1.

6. For number six is Nur Izati. Izati also a quiet girl in class. Izati is Ayu’s close friend. I also comfortable talking to Izati.

7. Nur Fatimah is my classmates since I’m in part 1. Fatimah is a clever girl in class especially in calculation. She always scores the highest mark in class. I really want to get higher marks than her. But until now I can’t beat her yet. For me, she is like my competitor in class. But in the positive way.

8. Me, Fara Wahida.

9. Siti Amirah which I call her Mira for short. Mira is a new student actually. She is a student from UiTM Kedah but she transfer to Segamat. It is also quite shocking knowing Mira because Mira is close with my bestfriend which she studied in UiTM Kedah too. Now I know the world is small. Mira? How can I describe her? Even though I’ve known her this semester, but we are close like we’ve known for years. Mira’s behavior is quite weird. But, I love being friend with her. =)

10. Nur Atikah also a new student. She is transferred from UiTM Sarawak. Atikah don’t talk much. I don’t know why most of my classmates are a quite kind of person. But it is not a big problem to me.

The boys of D3D1 :

1. Abdul Jabbar. I called him Jabbar for short. Jabbar is my classmate since I ‘m in part 1. Jabbar don’t talk much. But he’s a funny guy. Sometimes he’s cute.

2. Zulfadhli which we called him ‘Kochak’. He is also my classmate when I’m in part 1. At first, we laugh at his nickname because it sounds funny. But at last we are comfortable by calling him Kochak.

3. S.Mohd Haris. I called him Haris. Haris?hmm, I don’t know much about Haris even though he is also my classmate when I’m in part 1.

4. Sabirin. Sabirin is quiet in class. he only talk to his friends. even though he is not talkative, but he is clever. He got Deans List since the first semester.

5. Mohd Adib. He is from Selayang Bharu. Adib loves to play football and computer games. My first impression to Adib is I thought he is not friendly and snobbish. But after I know him until now, Adib is not that kind of person.

6. Mohd Akmal. I called him Akmal for short. Akmal is from Johor Bahru. Akmal is the person I close with in the class. Maybe I’m easy to communicate with him. Akmal is a brilliant boy.